Covid Job Impacts - US Hiring Data Since March 1 2020

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This dataset provides daily updates on the volume of US job listings filtered by geography industry job family and role; normalized to pre-covid levels.These data files feed the business intelligence visuals at, a public-facing site hosted by Greenwich.HR and OneModel Inc. Data is derived from online job listings tracked continuously, calculated daily and published nightly. On average data from 70% of all new US jobs are captured, and the dataset currently contains data from 3.3 million hiring organizations.Data for each filter segment is represented as the 7-day average of new job listings for a specific date, expressed as a percentage of the corresponding value on March 1, 2020.

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This data is made available under a Creative Commons license. This data is free to use for non-commercial purposes under the terms of the license. You must ensure that you acknowledge the source of this data as prescribed by this license. Data or any derivatives made using the data are for internal use only and may not be distributed or otherwise shared.


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    Greenwich.HR daily US hiring data (normalized to March 1 2020)
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    S3 Bucket
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    aws s3 ls s3://greenwichhr-covidjobimpacts/ --no-sign-request

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