UK Met Office Atmospheric Deterministic and Probabilistic Forecasts

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Meteorological data reusers now have an exciting opportunity to sample, experiment and evaluate Met Office atmospheric model data, whilst also experiencing a transformative method of requesting data via Restful APIs on AWS. All ahead of Met Office’s own operationally supported API platform that will be launched in late 2019.For information about the data see the Met Office website. For examples of using the data check out the examples repository. If you need help and support using the data please raise an issue on the examples repository.

Update Frequency

Daily (with 24 hour delay)


This data is made available under a Creative Commons licence. This data is free to use for non-commercial purposes under the terms of the licence. You must ensure that you acknowledge the source of this data as prescribed by this licence. Data or any derivatives made using the data are for internal use only and may not be distributed or otherwise shared.



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