Software Heritage Graph Dataset

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Software Heritage is the largest existing public archive of software source code and accompanying development history. The Software Heritage Graph Dataset is a fully deduplicated Merkle DAG representation of the Software Heritage archive.The dataset links together file content identifiers, source code directories, Version Control System (VCS) commits tracking evolution over time, up to the full states of VCS repositories as observed by Software Heritage during periodic crawls. The dataset’s contents come from major development forges (including GitHub and GitLab), FOSS distributions (e.g., Debian), and language-specific package managers (e.g., PyPI). Crawling information is also included, providing timestamps about when and where all archived source code artifacts have been observed in the wild.

Update Frequency

Data is updated yearly


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.By accessing the dataset, you agree with the Software Heritage Ethical Charter for using the archive data and the terms of use for bulk access.



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