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SMN Hi-Res Weather Forecast over Argentina

earth observation meteorological natural resource weather


The Servicio Meteorológico Nacional de Argentina (SMN-Arg), the National Meteorological Service of Argentina, shares its deterministic forecasts generated with WRF 4.0 (Weather and Research Forecasting) initialized at 00 and 12 UTC every day.

This forecast includes some key hourly surface variables –2 m temperature, 2 m relative humidity, 10 m wind magnitude and direction, and precipitation–, along with other daily variables, minimum and maximum temperature.

The forecast covers Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and parts of Bolivia and Brazil in a Lambert conformal projection, with 4 km horizontal resolution. The maximum lead time is 72 hours.

Forecasts are initialized with the NCEP-NOAA Global Forecast Systems analysis and forecasts (GFS).

Update Frequency

New data is added as soon as it's available. Two forecast cycles a day initialized at 00 UTC and 12 UTC.


Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Argentina License


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