Sentinel-2 L2A 120m Mosaic

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Sentinel-2 L2A 120m mosaic is a derived product, which contains best pixel values for 10-daily periods, modelled by removing the cloudy pixels and then performing interpolation among remaining values. As there are some parts of the world, which have lengthy cloudy periods, clouds might be remaining in some parts. The actual modelling script is available here.

Update Frequency

New data will be added annually.


CC-BY 4.0, Credit: Contains modified Copernicus data [year] processed by Sentinel Hub


Documentation is available here.

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Resources on AWS

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    Sentinel-2 L2A 120m mosaics data in a S3 bucket
    Resource type
    S3 Bucket
    Amazon Resource Name (ARN)
    AWS Region
    AWS CLI Access (No AWS account required)
    aws s3 ls s3://sentinel-s2-l2a-mosaic-120/ --no-sign-request

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