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The RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) is Canada's third generation of Earth observation satellites. Launched on June 12, 2019, the three identical satellites work together to bring solutions to key challenges for Canadians. As part of ongoing Open Government efforts, NRCan has developed a CEOS analysis ready data (ARD) processing capability for RCM and is processing the Canada-wide, 30M Compact-Polarization standard coverage, every 12 days. Previously, users were stuck ordering, downloading and processing RCM images (level 1) on their own, often with expensive software. This new dataset aims to remove these burdens with a new STAC catalog for discover and direct download from S3.

Update Frequency

The initial dataset will be Canada-wide, 30M Compact-Polarization standard coverage, every 12 days, per mission revisit frequency.


RCM image products are available free of charge, to the broadest extent possible, in order to promote the development of innovative products and services derived from SAR data. The Government of Canada retains ownership of all RCM data and image products. Intellectual property rights to value-added products (VAPs) created from the RCM image products will remain with the creator of the VAP. Acceptable uses of RCM image products are set out in the RCM Public User License Agreement, which is provided with each RCM image product.


Managed By

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How to Cite

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Resources on AWS

  • Description
    RCM CEOS Analysis Ready Data in an public S3 bucket.
    Resource type
    S3 Bucket
    Amazon Resource Name (ARN)
    AWS Region
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    aws s3 ls --no-sign-request s3://rcm-ceos-ard/

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