Provision of Web-Scale Parallel Corpora for Official European Languages (ParaCrawl)

machine translation natural language processing


ParaCrawl is a set of large parallel corpora to/from English for all official EU languages by a broad web crawling effort. State-of-the-art methods are applied for the entire processing chain from identifying web sites with translated text all the way to collecting, cleaning and delivering parallel corpora that are ready as training data for CEF.AT and translation memories for DG Translation.

Update Frequency

New data is added according to ParaCrawl release schedule.


Creative Commons CC0 license ("no rights reserved").


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For questions regarding the datasets contact Kenneth Heafield, email For reporting any issues about bitextor pipeline visit

Resources on AWS

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    Parallel Corpora to/from English for all official EU languages
    Resource type
    S3 Bucket
    Amazon Resource Name (ARN)
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    AWS CLI Access (No AWS account required)
    aws s3 ls s3://web-language-models/ --no-sign-request

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