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Open Bioinformatics Reference Data for Galaxy

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This dataset provides genomic reference data and software packages for use with Galaxy and Bioconductor applications. The reference data is available for hundreds of reference genomes and has been formatted for use with a variety of tools. The available configuration files make this data easily incorporable with a local Galaxy server without additional data preparation. Additionally, Bioconductor's AnnotationHub and ExperimentHub data are provided for use via R packages through which the data can be downloaded and installed into any R environment.

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  • Description
    The data is organized as versioned objects for reference data, and data packages for use with the R programming language. The reference data is primarily intended for use with the Galaxy application, and has been formatted for easy configuration. In the future, additional formats may be provided. The packages as well as the AnnotationHub and ExperimentHub data are intended for use with R / Bioconductor.
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