NOAA National Water Model Short-Range Forecast

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The National Water Model (NWM) is a water resources model that simulates and forecasts water budget variables, including snowpack, evapotranspiration, soil moisture and streamflow, over the entire continental United States (CONUS). The model, launched in August 2016, is designed to improve the ability of NOAA to meet the needs of its stakeholders (forecasters, emergency managers, reservoir operators, first responders, recreationists, farmers, barge operators, and ecosystem and floodplain managers) by providing expanded accuracy, detail, and frequency of water information. It is operated by NOAA’s Office of Water Prediction. This bucket contains a four-week rollover of the Short Range Forecast model output and the corresponding forcing data for the model. The model is forced with meteorological data from the High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) and the Rapid Refresh (RAP) models. The Short Range Forecast configuration cycles hourly and produces hourly deterministic forecasts of streamflow and hydrologic states out to 18 hours.

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    A rolling four week archive of NWM data.
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