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NOAA 3-D Surge and Tide Operational Forecast System for the Atlantic Basin (STOFS-3D-Atlantic)

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NOTICE - The Coast Survey Development Laboratory (CSDL) in NOAA/National Ocean Service (NOS)/Office of Coast Survey is upgrading the Surge and Tide Operational Forecast System (STOFS, formerly ESTOFS) to Version 2.1. A Service Change Notice (SCN) has been issued and can be found "HERE"

NOAA's Surge and Tide Operational Forecast System: Three-Dimensional Component for the Atlantic Basin (STOFS-3D-Atlantic). STOFS-3D-Atlantic runs daily (at 12 UTC) to provide users with 24-hour nowcasts (analyses of near present conditions) and up to 96-hour forecast guidance of water level conditions, and 2- and 3-dimensional fields of water temperature, salinity, and currents. The water levelĀ outputs represent the combined tidal and subtidal water surface elevations and are referenced to xGEOID20B

STOFS-3D-Atlantic has been developed to serve the marine navigation, weather forecasting, and disaster mitigation user communities. It is developed in a collaborative effort between the NOAA/National Ocean Service (NOS)/Office of Coast Survey, the NOAA/National Weather Service (NWS)/National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Central Operations (NCO), and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.

STOFS-3D-Atlantic employs the Semi-implicit Cross-scale Hydroscience Integrated System Model (SCHISM) as the hydrodynamic model core. Its unstructured grid consists of 2,926,236 nodes and 5,654,157 triangular or quadrilateral elements. Grid resolution is 1.5-2 km near the shoreline, ~600 m for the floodplain, down to 8 m for watershed rivers (at least 3 nodes across each river cross-section), and around 2-10 m for levees. Along the U.S. coastline, the land boundary of the domain aligns with the 10-m contour above xGEOID20B, encompassing the coastal transitional zone most vulnerable to coastal and inland flooding.

STOFS-3D-Atlantic makes uses of outputs from the National Water Model (NWM) to include inland hydrology and extreme precipitation effects on coastal flooding; forecast guidance from the NCEP Global Forecast System (GFS) and High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) model as the surface meteorological forcing; the tidal water level and currents from the FES2014 tidal database; and the subtidal water level, and subtidal three-dimensional water temperature, salinity, and currents from the NCEP Global Real-Time Ocean Forecast System (G-RTOFS) with the subtidal water level from G-RTOFS and Copernicus Absolute Dynamic Topography (ADT) satellite altimetry observation as the open ocean boundary forcing.

STOFS-3D-Atlantic forecast guidance output available here include NetCDF, GRIB2, SHEF, and GPKG files. Please see README documentation for more details.

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One time per day at 12 UTC


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