NOAA Coastal Lidar Data

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Lidar (light detection and ranging) is a technology that can measure the 3-dimentional location of objects, including the solid earth surface. The data consists of a point cloud of the positions of solid objects that reflected a laser pulse, typically from an airborne platform. In addition to the position, each point may also be attributed by the type of object it reflected from, the intensity of the reflection, and other system dependent metadata. The NOAA Coastal Lidar Data is a collection of lidar projects from many different sources and agencies, geographically focused on the coastal areas of the United States of America. The data is provided in Entwine Point Tiles ( format, which is a lossless streamable octree of the point cloud. Datasets are maintained in their original projects and care should be taken when merging projects. The coordinate reference system for the data is The NAD83(2011) UTM zone appropriate for the center of each data set and the orthometric datum appropriate for that area (for example, NAVD88 in the mainland United States, PRVD02 in Puerto Rico, or GUVD03 in Guam). The geoid model used is reflected in the data set resource name.

Update Frequency

Periodically, as new data becomes available


Open Data. There are no restrictions on the use of this data.

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For any data delivery issues, please contact the NOAA Big Data Project Team at For general questions or feedback about the data, please submit inquiries through the NOAA Office for Coastal Management Contact Form

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