NA-CORDEX - North American component of the Coordinated Regional Downscaling Experiment

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The NA-CORDEX dataset contains regional climate change scenario data and guidance for North America, for use in impacts, decision-making, and climate science. The NA-CORDEX data archive contains output from regional climate models (RCMs) run over a domain covering most of North America using boundary conditions from global climate model (GCM) simulations in the CMIP5 archive. These simulations run from 1950–2100 with a spatial resolution of 0.22°/25km or 0.44°/50km. This AWS S3 version of the data includes selected variables converted to Zarr format from the original NetCDF. Only daily data are currently available; all daily data were mapped to the Gregorian calendar. Sub-daily data may be added later. Both raw and bias-corrected data are available. Further details about this version of the dataset are available at the documentation link below.

Update Frequency

Rare. NA-CORDEX is complete, but we may occasionally copy additional fields from NCAR to AWS, or fix problems discovered in the data.



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