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Multi Token Completion machine learning natural language processing


This dataset provides masked sentences and multi-token phrases that were masked-out of these sentences. We offer 3 datasets: a general purpose dataset extracted from the Wikipedia and Books corpora, and 2 additional datasets extracted from pubmed abstracts. As for the pubmed data, please be aware that the dataset does not reflect the most current/accurate data available from NLM (it is not being updated). For these datasets, the columns provided for each datapoint are as follows: text- the original sentence span- the span (phrase) which is masked out span_lower- the lowercase version of span range- the range in the text string which will be masked out (this is important because span might appear more than once in text) freq- the corpus frequency of span_lower masked_text- the masked version of text, span is replaced with [MASK] Additinaly, we provide a small (3K) dataset with human annotations.

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Datasets are published under CC-NC-SA-3.0. Human evaluation is published under CC-SA-4.0.


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