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UK Earth System Model (UKESM1) ARISE-SAI geoengineering experiment data

atmosphere climate climate model CMIP6 geospatial ice land model oceans sustainability


Data from the UK Earth System Model (UKESM1) ARISE-SAI experiment. The UKESM1 ARISE-SAI experiment explores the impacts of geoengineering via the injection of sulphur dioxide (SO2) into the stratosphere in order to keep global mean surface air temperature near 1.5 C above the pre-industrial climate. Data includes a five member ensemble of simulations with SO2 injection plus a five member ensemble of SSP2-4.5 simulations from CMIP6 to serve as a reference data set

Update Frequency

Rare once complete


CMIP6 data included is licensed under CC-BY 4.0 (see here. Additional ARISE-SAI data is licenced under the Open Government Licence v3



Managed By

Met Office

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    CMIP6 standards-compliant netCDF data
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    S3 Bucket
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    aws s3 ls --no-sign-request s3://met-office-ukesm1-arise/
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