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Multi-robot, Multi-Sensor, Multi-Environment Event Dataset (M3ED)

autonomous vehicles computer vision deep learning event camera global shutter camera GNSS GPS h5 hdf5 IMU lidar machine learning perception robotics RTK


M3ED is the first multi-sensor event camera (EC) dataset focused on high-speed dynamic motions in robotics applications. M3ED provides high-quality synchronized data from multiple platforms (car, legged robot, UAV), operating in challenging conditions such as off-road trails, dense forests, and performing aggressive flight maneuvers. M3ED also covers demanding operational scenarios for EC, such as high egomotion and multiple independently moving objects. M3ED includes high-resolution stereo EC (1280×720), grayscale and RGB cameras, a high-quality IMU, a 64-beam LiDAR, and RTK localization.

Update Frequency

The dataset will be uploaded sporadically, when bugs are found and new features are implemented (see updates).


Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)


You can access the overview of the data here.

Managed By

Daniilidis Group, KumarRobotics

See all datasets managed by Daniilidis Group](, [KumarRobotics.


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    Multi-robot, Multi-Sensor, Multi-Environment Event Dataset (M3ED)
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