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iNaturalist Licensed Observation Images

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iNaturalist is a community science effort in which participants share observations of living organisms that they encounter and document with photographic evidence, location, and date. The community works together reviewing these images to identify these observations to species. This collection represents the licensed images accompanying iNaturalist observations.

Update Frequency

Images are posted in real time, and we are currently copying over images from existing observations. Metadata is updated monthly. More information on the metadata can be found in the documentation


Creative Commons or Public Domain (CC0), varying by image. More information on how to query and properly treat licenses can be found in the documentation


Documentation can be found here. You can learn more about iNaturalist here.

Managed By

iNaturalist is an independent, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization based in the United States of America (EIN/Tax ID: 92-1296468).

See all datasets managed by iNaturalist.


How to Cite

iNaturalist Licensed Observation Images was accessed on DATE from

Resources on AWS

  • Description
    Image files (e.g. JPEG) associated with metadata describing the observation associated with the image file.
    Resource type
    S3 Bucket
    Amazon Resource Name (ARN)
    AWS Region
    AWS CLI Access (No AWS account required)
    aws s3 ls --no-sign-request s3://inaturalist-open-data/

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