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GeoNet Aotearoa New Zealand Data

broadband coastal Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) earthquakes geophysics geoscience geoscience GNSS GPS oceans RINEX seismology


GeoNet provides geological hazard information for Aotearoa New Zealand. This dataset contains data and products recorded by the GeoNet sensor network.

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) data include raw data in proprietary and Receiver Independent Exchange Format (RINEX) and local tie-in survey conducted during equipment changes, more details can be found on the GeoNet geodetic page website.
Coastal gauge data include relative measurement of sea level measured by tsunami monitoring gauges. Raw and quality control data are provided in CREX format (Character Form for the Representtion and eXchange of metereological data), more details can be found on the GeoNet coastal tsunami monitoring gauges page.
Camera images data include webcam images from the GeoNet Volcano monitoring network and Built Environment Instrumentation Programme, more details can be found on the GeoNet camera page.
Waveform data include raw data from weak and strong motion instruments of the GeoNet seismic networks, more details can be found on the GeoNet seismic waveform page.
Seismic data products include strong motion derived data, more details can be found on the GeoNet Strong Motion products page.
Time Series data products include derived time series data from a subgroup of the GeoNet sensor network. Data are in compressed comma separated format (csv.gz), more details can be found on the GeoNet tilde website page.

Update Frequency

Daily for majority of datasets.


GeoNet data are made available free of charge under 'CC3 licence' to facilitate research and risk assessment. Please acknowledge the GeoNet programme and its sponsors when using the data, see 'GeoNet Data Policy'.


Managed By

See all datasets managed by GeoNet.


For questions regarding data content or quality, please visit the GeoNet site, contact or use GitHub issue on GeoNet/help.

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