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GEOGloWS Hydrologic Model Version 2

geopackage hydrography hydrologic model hydrology simulations zarr


The GEOGloWS Hydrologic Model provides a global simulation of river discharge. The model simulates river discharge at 7 million river segments over a period of more than 80 years beginning on 1 January 1940. The retrospective simulation is updated weekly to monthly keeping the lag time small. The model is also used to produce daily forecasts which are not archived in this repository. The model is based on the ERA5 reanalysis climate data and forecasts are derived from the ECMWF Integrated Forecast System (IFS). The stream network is derived from the TDX-Hydro streams and basins data produced by the United State's National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. The model simulations are computed daily at the ECMWF super computing facility in Bologna, Italy.

This repository contains: (1) model configuration files used to generate the simulations, (2) the model retrospective outputs in zarr format optimized for time series queries of up to a few hundred rivers on demand, (3) the model output in netCDF format best for bulk downloading large volumes of data, (4) estimated return period flows for all 7 million rivers in netCDF format, (5) the GIS streams datasets used by the model, (6) the GIS streams datasets optimized for visualizations used by Esri's Living Atlas layer.

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