Sounds of Central African landscapes

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Archival soundscapes recorded in the rainforest landscapes of Central Africa, with a focus on the vocalizations of African forest elephants (Loxodonta cyclotis).

Update Frequency

New sound data spanning 4-month time periods added as soon as possible


These sound files are freely available for scientific study and exploration, including for the development of detection algorithms. Derivative works based on use of these sounds (e.g. publications, reports, published detection algorithms, media pieces) must include proper attribution to the "Cornell Elephant Listening Project."These sounds are not available for any media use including, but not limited to, advertising, promotion, radio or movie production, without express permission from the owners.


Managed By

Center for Conservation Bioacoustics, Cornell University (

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    Nouabale-Ndoki landscape sound data
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    aws s3 ls s3://congo8khz-pnnn/ --no-sign-request

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