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climate climate model climate projections CMIP6 ocean circulation ocean currents ocean sea surface height ocean simulation ocean velocity


This dataset provides several global fields describing the state of atmosphere, ocean, land and ice from a high-resolution (0.1o for the ocean/ice models 0.25o for the land/atmosphere models) numerical earth system model, the Community Earth System Model (CESM, Texas A&M University (TAMU) and National Center for Atmospheric Research together with international partners collaboratively carried out a large set of high-resolution climate simulations, including a 500-year long preindustrial control simulation (PI-CTRL) described here. The CESM uses dynamic equations with a climatological (observations, long-term averaged) initial state of the earth system and the preindustrial greenhouse gas forcing (kept constant at the 1850 conditions) for making this PI-CTRL. Compared to standard low-resolution (1o) CMIP-class simulations, this high-resolution simulation dataset enables researchers to explore the contribution from processes at a wide range of spatial scales, from mesoscales to global scales, in shaping various observed climate phenomena with better accuracy.

Update Frequency

Rare. The CESM-HR PI-CTRL experiment is complete. Updates are expected only if any issues with the copy of the data on the AWS is reported in the future. Other experiments will be shared in the future according to the availability of resources.


This dataset is created in collaboration with NCAR and the NCAR’s “Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license” used for their CESM2 LENS data product on AWS ( will be applicable for the CESM-HR PI-CTRL datasets too.


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