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Argo marine floats data and metadata from Global Data Assembly Centre (Argo GDAC)

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Argo is an international program to observe the interior of the ocean with a fleet of profiling floats drifting in the deep ocean currents ( Argo GDAC is a dataset of 5 billion in situ ocean observations from 18.000 profiling floats (4.000 active) which started 20 years ago. Argo GDAC dataset is a collection of 18.000 NetCDF files. It is a major asset for ocean and climate science, a contributor to IOCCP reports.

Update Frequency

Data is updated daily.


Open data, there are no restrictions on the use of this data.


Managed By


See all datasets managed by Euro-Argo.


How to Cite

Argo marine floats data and metadata from Global Data Assembly Centre (Argo GDAC) was accessed on DATE from Argo (2023). Argo float data and metadata from Global Data Assembly Centre (Argo GDAC). SEANOE.

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    Argo GDAC data and metadata
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    S3 Bucket
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    aws s3 ls --no-sign-request s3://argo-gdac-sandbox/
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